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Here you will find well over 350 mp3 recordings for free download, probably the largest resource on the web for UK steam railway locomotive sound recordings.

The steamsounds web site first appeared in November 2001 and has since run to over 35 editions and updates with more than 70 pages of UK steam locomotive sound recordings.

Below you will find an index of pages on this site. If you go to the the first page you can then use navigation links on the pages to browse the entire site without returning to the index.
There are two other indexes; one sorted by locomotive and the other listing preserved lines.

The current edition is available at www.steamsounds.org.uk where you will also find help and information, feedback and details of audio and mp3 disks, the sale of which helps to pay for web site hosting.

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Steam hauled freight on the S&C
48151 on the Long Drag in November 2000
Scarborough Spa Express
Real SSE action from 1983
Favourite Locos : 5305
My favourite Black 5
Preserved Lines
The Severn Valley & Worth Valley Railways
Ffestiniog Railway
Narrow gauge steam in North Wales
Two Panniers Round Brum
A double headed railtour in October 2000
Run Pasts
Or should that be Runs Past?
Favourite Locos : 46229
Some unbeatable performances from the Duchess
West Somerset Railway
One of my favourite preserved railways
Copy Pit
Including 2968 & 76079 over this Yorkshire summit
The Long Drag
Northbound steam on the Settle - Carlisle line
No. 9
A4 Pacific 'Union of South Africa'
Main Line Standards
BR Standard classes on the main line
A Couple of Rare Ones
Two early recordings of 'Rocket' & 6115
5305 through the Pennines
45305 on a railtour from Sheffield to Manchester
Favourite locos: 5051
Plenty of GWR noise here!
North York Moors Railway
On-train & lineside recordings through the Moors
Ffestiniog Interactive 2002
Three days of fascinating narrow gauge action
Ais Gill
Southbound steam on the Settle - Carlisle line
Steam in the Severn Valley
More recordings from the SVR
Everybody's favourite!
No, it's not Thomas, it's 4472
92220 on the Welsh Marches Express
Recordings from an early 80's WME
Scarborough Spa Express 2002
48151 & 5972 between York & Scarborough
Scarborough Spa Express 1984
When SSEs were REAL SSEs!
Welsh Highland Railway
Steam on North Wales newest railway
Ffestiniog Vintage Weekend 2002
Including a train without a loco!
Good Manors
GWR 4-6-0s out and about
Two for the price of one
A selection of double headers
The Mystery Recording!
What is going on?
Main Line 8F
48151 out on the main line
Riding Behind Southern Steam
34092, 850, 777, 35028 & 34027 on the main line
Recordings from the year including GW150
Some Main Line Steam
6201 & Steam to Scarborough in 2002 & 2003
Cotton Spinning
Easter steam round the Oldham Loop
The Talyllyn Railway
The place to go for a Turkey sandwich!
The Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
Including a footplate ride
Preserved Railway Miscellany
Recordings on 5 preserved railways
Some Main Line Steam Summer 2003
Including 62005, 6201, 6233, 60009 & 60800
The North Yorkshire Moors Railway
More from the Moors
The Snowdon Mountain Railway
Britain's only rack railway
Something For Sim Users
Sound clips of 5305 for the Train Sim users
By Special Request
GWR thrash with 7029
Trains in Trouble
In the case of 60532, serious trouble!
Some new ones
Locos I'd never recorded before
Steam in Scotland
On the main line all over Scotland
The Ffestiniog Railway
Yes, we're back on my favourite
All over the Place
Steam gets everywhere
3440 'City of Truro'
102.4? Maybe
Worth Valley Vintage
Vintage locos on vintage trains
A grand day out!
On the K&WVR & the S&C
Steam around Salisbury
Steam on the main line west of Salisbury
Steam from Stratford
Steam in Shakespeare country
Heading for trouble
Everything sounds fine but...
Circling Witches
Around Pendle Witch country with steam
More Salisbury Steam
Including some very high speed with 34092
Mid-Cheshire Steam
Chester to Altrincham with 76079
Wet Feet
Less than good weather on the S&C
Noise to Order!
Diesel recordings? Surely not!
Two Steam Galas
On the NYMR & K&WVR
Black Five over Shap
45407 does
Shap single handed
Ho, Ho, Ho!
That time of year again
More Main Line Steam
Winter 2004 with 6233, 4936 & 4965
Steam to the seaside
45407 to Scarborough
Royal Encounters
A King on the Lickey & a Prince on the S&C
Main line activity - Spring 2005
My favourite Black 5 is back
Favourite Places
Two of my favourite recording spots
Main Line Steam - Summer 2005
With 6201, 5690 & 76079
Worth Valley Visitors
3440 & 49395
Bonfire Night B1 & More K&WVR
61264 over Copy Pit & more from the K&WVR Gala
A blast from the past
5305 in 1984 & 45305 in 2005
S&C Black 5s
5305, 44767 & 45407 on-train & from the lineside
39 years!
A recording I've been waiting 39 years to make
The Lickey Incline
6201 & 5690 on the famous gradient
Time for something different
Some recordings from a variety of preserved lines
The Spice of Life
A real variety of preserved and main line steam
More (or less) Steam on the Moors
A hot time on the NYMR
A Fine Day Out
5690 on Shap (atrocious weather though!)
The Moors Autumn Gala
Thunder on the Moors in more ways than one
Three Days
On the K&WVR. Excellent days too!
Main Line Steam
Shap, Beattock & was I on the last train to Glaisdale?
Great Western Steam - in Yorkshire!
GWR locos working in God's own County
A good start to 2007
Greetland Bank & Copy Pit with 45407
K&WVR February Gala
Including GWR Hall 4953
Scarborough Spa Expresses again?
Looking forward to the summer!